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Normal Ranks

Jan 2, 2017
Normal Ranks
  • Visitor
    A rank for everyone who join the server for the first time (Default).

    • Protected from optional PvP until reaching Citizen
    • Ability to set up to 1 home using beds!
    • /online (or /list) - Shows the current online players!
    • /motd - Shows the message of the day!
    • /rules - Tells you to go to our wiki page!
    • /spawn - Takes you back to our main spawn!
    • /mail - Allows you to send & receive mail!
    • /msg - Send a private message to another player!
    • /reply (or /r) - Allows you reply to your last PM!
    • /getpos - Shows you where you are!
    • /balance - Allows you to view and pay players with your in game cash!
    • /requests - See active teleportation requests!
    • /cancel - Cancel any incoming teleport requests!
    • /tpaccept - Accept a teleportation request!
    • /tpreject - Reject a teleportation request!
    • /pay - Pays a specified player from your balance!
    • /kit - Shows a list of kits you can use!

    This is the most common rank in IcicleCraft and these players have 4 hours of gameplay or more.

    • All the Visitor Commands & Permissions!
    • Ability to set up to 2 home using /home set (or /sethome)
    • Protect up to 1 horse
    • /pvp on|off - Turn PvP on or off!
    • /me - Sends an action message in chat!
    • /home - Will teleport you home! (Use bed to set home)
    • /seen - Check the last time a player has visited the server!
    • /realname - Shows the realname of a player!
    • /balancetop - Highscore lists of our ingame currency!
    • /ignore - Abilitiy to ignore a player!
    • /tpdeny - Deny a /tpa request!
    • /worth - Displays how much an item is worth! (Might be inaccurate)
    • /hub - Gives access to the Hub for switching between worlds! (Mini Game, Survival, Resource World & Old World)
    This is our third normal rank and these players have 24 hours of gameplay or more.

    • All the Visitor and Citizen Commands & Permissions!
    • Ability to set up to 4 homes using /home set! (or /sethome)
    • Protect up to 4 horses!
    • Access to more Craftbook mechanisms!
    • /suicide - Ability to commit suicide! (WARNING: You may lose experience and/or items)
    • /tpa - Request to teleport to a player!
    • Access to Creative World in the Hub!

    This rank is not obtainable by hours of gameplay. You have to be loyal to everyone to gain this rank in IcicleCraft.

    • All the Visitor, Citizen and Veteran Commands & Permissions!
    • Ability to set up to 6 homes using /home set! (or /sethome)
    • Protect up to 5 horses!
    • Ability to change to a unique nickname!
    • Special commands!
    * To prevent abuse of the economy system
    ** Ranks and permissions with this color only applies on our Industrial Server
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