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Player Shop

Jan 2, 2017
Player Shop
  • This is where you are able to create your own Shop. The Shop plots are 12x12 and you are able to sell or buy any items available in Minecraft throughout this area. Remember that the Bank of IcicleCraft will not provide a Shop with ingame items. All transactions, buying or selling goes directly to the players. If you would like to know how to setup a Shop propertly, check out ChestShop.

    The portal to this area (Marked Place) is located in the spawn-hub, using the command, /spawn.

    Rules & Requirements:
    In case you want to become the owner of a shop: be sure to follow the following simple rules, criteria and guidelines:

    1. Veterans can freely choose a single plot anywhere within the shop area and build their shop here.
    2. The outern walls of the shops must be builld on the 12x12 plot, outlined by the plank blocks. So the player may also build on the plank blocks. In some cases it is tolerated when you surpass this outline by a few blocks (e.g. torches/roof/etc). Do not abuse this tolerancy though, since staff can request you to remove anything that is too prominent or causes trouble for your neighbours.
    3. Shops can be build downwards all the way to bedrock, but there is a height limit of 16 blocks for all shops
    4. Shops should be build to look nicely and well maintained. Try to be as creative as possible to attract the attention of your customers. We do not permit the infamous cobble-cubes or dirt mansions.
    5. The chests within shops should be regularly resupplied. Failure in doing so can result into a removed shop. Staff will give warnings by use of signs attached to front door.

    Please respect the rules of the Shops. Refusal to adhere to the rules will result in a non revocable eviction without refund.
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