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PvP & Raid Rules

Jan 2, 2017
PvP & Raid Rules
  • PvP Rules
    • Combat logging - This is not permitted. Do NOT try to leave the arena mid-battle to avoid a death.
    • No Fly Mods - No flying in PvP. Any attempt to fly in PvP will result in action taking from kicking, bans and even blocked from PvP
    • Building - You are not permitted to build anywhere on the PvP world. If you somehow end up outside of the arena or spawn location then alert staff.
    • No Mods - Auto clickers, extended reach and other mods that aid in combat are not permitted. If found to use them you will be permanently banned.

    Activate or disable PvP with a simple command /pvp on|off. Remember that you need to be at least Citizen before having access to that ability and PvP.

    Raid Rules (applies only in the Factions World)
    • You can’t raid a faction for more than two hours in a week.
    • You can attack as many factions as you’d like within a week.
    • The defending faction has the right to surrender.
    • If a surrender is called for, the attacking faction must immediately stop.
    • You may not call for a false surrender, this may get you punished.
    • When you enter a Raid you have to stipulate surrender terms if asked.
    • If any party surrenders you both enter a treaty.
    • This treaty must last at least 14“In Real Life” days.
    • During the treaty it is expected that you Truce the opposing faction and you may not participate in any hostile actions against this faction during the treaty.
    • The surrendering faction may cancel a treaty at any time.
    • The surrendering faction has the right to choose to pay with Golds.
    • You many not kick members to lower your maximum tribute.
    • You may not join another faction to be able to assist in a raid to get around the 2 hour a week rule.
    • Raiding staff members because they are staff is not allowed.

    What is classified as a Faction Raid?

    • Raiding one faction should last no longer than 2 consecutive hours, and be conducted no more than once within a seven day period. Those being raided would be responsible for providing proof of players that fail to abide by this rule.
    • A faction has the right to request surrender.
    • A faction does not need a reason for a simple raid.
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