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Jan 3, 2017
  • Warnings, Kicking and Banning

    Remember that in most cases, if you break one or more of the below rules, our staff members will first warn you. But remember that the first warning is a simple reminder of our rules. If you persist you may be kicked from our server as an additional warning, or you may be temporarily or in worst cases permanently banned from IcicleCraft.

    Ingame Rules
    • Account responsibility - It's your own responsibility to keep your account safe. You are responsible for all actions made on your own account.
    • No griefing allowed - Do not destroy any blocks that does not belong to you. Stealing animals from someone else's farm are also considered as griefing.
    • No cheating allowed - Do not use any kind of x-rays, dupes, bug abusing, slime chunk detectors, ore detectors, invisibility hacks or 3rd party software’s that gives you unfair advantages in game. If you do any of these cheats you will be permanently banned.
    • No stealing allowed - You're not allowed to steal for any chest that someone else owns. We offer LWC to lock most of these things, however even if a chest is not locked, that does not means your allowed to steal items inside these chests. Removing items from chests that do not belong to you is considered a stealing action.
    • No fly mods allowed - Do not attempt to use any kind of fly mods without authorization.
    • No offensive material - Anything offensive said in chat, written on a sign, player skins, or made with blocks is against the rules.
    • No spam / capslock / advertising - Do not spam pointless messages in the chat. And do not advertise other server or companies in the chat. Also caps lock (yelling) is NOT allowed in any chat.
    • No scamming - All scammings is illegal on the server. If you get scammed provide proof and post it on the forums under ban requests.
    • No incomplete or abandoned buildings - Do not leave incomplete or abondened buldings anywhere. If you spot any incomplete or abondoned buildings, report it immediately to any staff member or make a post at our forums.
    • No nickname abusing - Do not abuse the nickname command. This includes using a nickname that is offensive, racist, sexist, trolling, cruel or inappropriate.
    • No 1×1 towers - You are not allowed to build 1x1 towers. Because they look ridiculous anywhere ingame.
    • Towns - Building towns is allowed but not near any spawn points, as it hinders town expansion. All towns near spawn points will be removed.
    • Buildings - You may only build outside of spawn, but do not build near the spawn or near other buildings and cities (a minimum of 250 blocks radius from spawn and a 100 block radius from other buildings and cities) as it hinders expansion. Check coordinates where to build using F3 and /whereami.
    • Be patience with the staff - Behave well towards staff members. Be patience and respect their decisions. Don't backseat moderate and don't attempt to bribe a staff member or ask to become a staff member.
    • Impersonation - Staff impersonation may get you warned or banned depending on the situation.
    • Redstone contraptions - You are not allowed to make redstone contraptions that could make the server lag, you may be banned. Depends on severity.
    • Mob farms - Special rules applies to Mob Farms, read more about it here
    • Optional PVP - PvP is allowed, but it's optional. Note that you can use /pvp on|off to enable or disable PvP.
    • Bugs - If you find a bug, you must report it to us. Do not explot it.

    Forum Rules
    • Do not spam.
    • Do not post any kind of adult contents.
    • Do not post pirated software or wares.
    • Do not use bad language (swearing etc.)
    • Do not double post.
    • Do not revive old threads.
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