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Town Rules

Jan 2, 2017
Town Rules
  • Requirements:
    • A town name
    • At least 3 public buildings
    • At least 3 residents (that have built houses, and owners of the town do not count)
    • At least 3 available plots, houses, or apartments
    • A town spawn (with town rules and name of the owners)
    • That the town looks connected, and there are roads between buildings

    Recommendations/Points of Encouragement
    • Don't make your town entirely out of cobble/dirt. Diversify your building materials!
    • Put some charm into your town! Take into account your environment, building styles, etc and blend them together to make an aesthetically appealing town.
    • Everyone has a right to make a town, however be sure that you are actively contributing, putting in the effort, and allowing it to thrive. No one wants to see the ruins of what could have been a great town!
    • Give your citizens an active role in the town, whether it be a position in the town government or building a new area in the town. Making them feel a part of your growing community will encourage them to stay, invite others to join, and allow the town to thrive!
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